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About Us
We are proud to announce that Buzz2Hype is born!!!

The first online community that allows people to register in the social networking community of their interest that comes with advanced dating features and the possibility to share news with the world is born.

This site is different from existing social networking sites. It is different because it was developed with a different perspective in mind and with different objectives. Till now, people were able to write stuff, become friends, broadcast a video, add pictures. On the other hand, there were dating sites, exclusively limited to the people who were looking for a date. The third category of the sites were news sites, blog sites, but till the advent of Buzz2Hype no one allowed to have all three features in one place. And most of all, those features are free!

There is also another major difference with outdated sites: the use of modern technologies. We want you to experience the next generation of social networking. The future is mobile. We have integrated mobile networking features in order to allow you to stay in contact with your friends wherever you are.

Innovation is the most appropriate word to describe Buzz2Hype. Our site comes with interesting features that are not found on any other site. Such features are (but are not limited to) a private mail @buzz2hype.com, a private drive to use as backup or to share files with your friends. Yes, such features already exist around the world, but we have integrated them in one place, in Buzz2Hype.

Buzz2Hype also comes with a development plan that spans over the years. We are developing several additional amazing features for your fun are we are already working on those new features.

Not yet a member? What are you waiting for? Just register and enjoy!

The Buzz2Hype team